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List Building Momentum

There is no faster or more powerful way to penetrate niche markets, develop a unique brand and become an authority in your market than with a qualified and targeted mailing list.

It’s also the easiest way to skyrocket your income and maximize exposure with limited costs involved, as once you have an active list of subscribers, there are no further acquisition costs, yet you can continue marketing to the SAME customer base again and again!

But in order to create an effective list building campaign, you need to make sure that you are really tapping into what your customer base really wants. It’s easy to build a massive list of subscribers, but unless they’re qualified, targeted leads, they’ll do little at helping you maximize your income.

Instead, build campaigns around specific segments of your market, so that you can easily identify their needs and interests and create newsletters and promotional broadcasts around these topics.

However, building campaigns is not easy if you want to just use your email account.  Success online marketers know that all profitable list owners use a system that helps them automate and simplify the steps of connecting with hundreds and eventually thousands of people on a regular basis.  Over the next few posts I’m going to examine the various components of the system you need to make it a joy to be a list owner.  It will be a joy when you have everything set up because then promotion is only a few clicks away AND profit will be happening as soon as you send those emails.

The various components that every profitable list builder uses are:

These are the absolute basic components that you need to set up your list building campaigns.  I will look at each component separately in the next few posts.

Let’s start by the foundation of any list building system – the software.   Just click to see what I’m talking about.

Benefits of Working From Home

It is clear that more and more men and women are getting into on-line careers simply because of the benefits it provides.

We live in the world where commodity is highly important for everybody and things like good pay and comfort is what most of us are searching for in a career.  Add to that no transportation costs and the leisure of your very own home and you have a winning combination.

Working from home really has its benefits.  Let’s look at some of them.

Customizable Schedule

Working at home provides you great flexibility with your schedule.  When you’re in a normal job you’ll need to be at the office in a fixed schedule.  Let’s face it, normal day job schedules are sometimes not really what we want so everything else in our schedule adjusts to it.  In a work at home situation, you modify your work schedule according to the time you have available.  You can easily adjust your work schedule when something comes up as you can easily modify your work schedule – as long as the deliverables are met by the end of the day.   You will no longer miss any important events in the life of your loved ones and you can even get a vacation whenever you want to.

Making More Money

People are likely to think of online jobs as one thing that they could just earn an additional income from.  A lot of people who work online just settle for whatever task they had in the beginning for they don’t see the bigger opportunities at hand in an online setting.  When you work at home, you are your own boss.

Literally, you have total control of what you can achieve.  You can setup a business, create a group, apply for better paying jobs, discover more skills – the opportunities are unlimited if you just look at things on a bigger perspective.  Even if you have a regular job at home you can still dedicate some additional time towards doing other things that can bring in even more money.  Eventually, as you acquire much more experience and learn the ins and outs of online business, you’ll get to realize that there are a lot of bigger opportunities lying around.  All you need to do is to discover the skills needed to get into these fields and you’re well on your way as an online businessman.


No dress codes! That’s right.  The comfort of working from home begins with – no dress code.  You can be in you pajamas and still earn dollars.  With no boss loitering around checking what you’re up to, you can progress with your duties with much less intervention and less stress.  In an office setting, you will find code of conducts, dress code requirements, time restrictions, breaks, lunch, and so on.  You don’t do all these in a work at home setting.  There are still time restrictions such as login times and no non-work associated activities while logged-in, but overall, it is a whole lot less difficult than in a regular office.  Once more, things become a lot cozy and easier in a work at home setting.  Remember, in a normal job environment you’re forced to act in a certain way and wear certain clothes.  This never occurs when you work at home.  That’s comfort!

Best of All!

We have established some of the benefits of working from home. There are more, but what we have outlined here are the three most important ones to us.

In the end, all is according to what you’re actually doing.   Obviously, the best advantage here is that you get more time.  No more travel from house to office and no need to look for restaurants during lunch or breaks.  So since time is something we are all given the same, finding a way to gain more of it is a bonus – time for family and for doing what you’re passionate about even if it’s just the time that you now spend going to and from your job or work place.

What about you?

Finally, it is an often quoted sentiment in business that “time is money”.  Thus the genuine benefit of having more time means that we get more opportunities we could take advantage of.

If working from home is something that you need to consider at this point of your life but you aren’t sure what you want to actually start doing, contact me as let’s discussion your options.  I’ve been helping people create part time or full time incomes for almost 3 decades.  I can definitely help steer you in the right direction.

Recommended List Building Strategies

It is well-known fact that online marketers ought to build a list of active subscribers in order to thrive in their internet marketing strategy.   However, whether or not you are truly producing a consistent and long-term income list, is yet another question.

List building is the core of your business and the solution to an efficient internet marketing technique is building an email list.

You could have a good potential in generating money once you have a list of targeted subscribers.

Without having an email list & continually building that list, it will likely be difficult to survive the online marketing industry.

How do you efficiently create a list?

Let’s discuss some of the popular recommendations the will quickly help build your list.  Some of these list building strategies are tried and true as they’ve been around for years, while others are new list building techniques.


Developing a content that is full with brilliant ideas and specific information will help you be in contact with your prospects as well as developing your line of experience.  Strengthen and establish connections by means of efficiently building brand awareness, trust and loyalty.  Having the appropriate foundation your campaigns will have good outcomes.

Email Adswaps:

Leverage your lists with Adswaps, transfer traded ads to leverage the full rewards of having an efficient list of subscribers.  Making use of Adswaps for your marketing scheme has its brilliant features also; receiving different clients, expanding your list and receiving reliable exposure are just couple of the many benefits it supplies.  In order to achieve this, you ought to do adswaps and take part with companies carrying the equal topic you are in.


Internet gifts are becoming much more popular nowadays as way of properly building your list.  Plenty of online marketers nowadays use these free products in exchange for a newsletter signup which is a very efficient method of growing your list.

Marketing on Social Medias:

Social medias get a great deal more traffic than Google does these days.  Utilize your social media marketing tactics to produce much more traffic and promote your products and services.  This way, you will no longer have to be dependent on just Google to generate traffic and increase sales.  You even save much more from expensive AdWords campaigns and other forms of advertising also.

Scroll Pops:

Strategically add in pop-ups to catch the attention of your target customers convincing them to register to get much more data.  This pop-ups may also pop up once they enter your site or once they leave depending on your strategy.


E-courses are the “in thing” nowadays for individuals who would like to find out new things and obtain new information that you could also get online.  Deliver them your short e-course plan every few days once they sign up, this also helps you to cleverly market and promote your product also.

It’s your choice

In a world where every little thing is becoming more and more aggressive, one should standout and assert themselves.  Know how to successfully manage your email list and keep your list responsive and consistent for a long-term and stable income.

Build Your List Quickly

Currently, Internet giveaways are being incredibly trendy as part of any Internet marketers list building techniques. It can produce plenty of subscribers to your list rapidly by simply offering your target market with giveaways.

An Overview

Participate as a contributors in a giveaway event so you could add and offer your product for free.  It is also great that you join giveaway events that best demonstrate your preferred niche. There are numerous joint venture projects on the Internet as online marketers get together to host and advertising giveaway events or JV Giveaways where everybody will benefit.

Here is how it works –  you offer a gift but before members could in fact get their gift they will have to sign up. Thus, you are not just gifting away products for nothing but actually building a list of highly targeted market in the process and growing your possibilities for higher returns.

The Advantages

With every gift you give away you start to create a relationship with the new subscriber, which allows you to present them with more information about yourself, your business, and your other offers.

  • Event hosts bring in many online marketers to a single event which results in the event attracting a lot of interested members – in other words, TRAFFIC!
  • Contributors provide one or more gifts or even add some incentives for the guests members.
  • All visitors, in order to receive the giveaway, have to sign-up to the contributor’s email list, thus making it a superb list building exercise.
  • The event can offer members hundreds and thousands worth of products without being forced to spend a dime.
  • Members also are influenced with incentives to advertise the Giveaway Event and produce more referrals. In this regard, your products are going to be more presented to a lot of possible subscribers.
  • Collaborating in a giveaway event does not only mean you are giving away items which could lower profits; instead you grow your possibilities for higher returns.
  • You are also able to create much more traffic to your web page as well in the process.
  • With the ability to boost your list with possible buyers as well as traffic to your site means that you are going to start cash flowing right away.
  • Getting in front of the queue is essential if you want your list building strategies start acquiring benefits. This means you ought to take part as a contributor and be active in Giveaway events.

Once you are serious with your list building strategies and your online business venture, then getting in front of the line is vital. This will have to mean that you ought to get the most out of your list building efforts by continually being active in giveaway events.


Make the most out of your list building efforts with this scheme and soon accomplish the rewards it provides.  There really are no limits to whatever niche you may be in.   Build your list and start making money fast.

Participating in these events will surely have its advantages for your Internet marketing efforts.  I remember my very first event – I promoted it where I could and by the end of the two weeks, I have over 100 new subscribers on my list.  I was very happy with those results.

Participate in as many events that you can promote.  I’ve found that sometimes it’s the budgeting of my time that is almost harder to do than deciding what I can afford as an advertising budget.

That said, you need to keep track of which events get the most traffic and you’ll start seeing a pattern as to which event organizers attract the most traffic.  And that’s what it’s all about – finding traffic that will see your offer for your offer is irresistible!

Becoming a JV Contributor – Part Two

On the previous post we discussed the first two essential things you will need to become a JV contributor on a GiveAway Event for the purpose of building your list.  Today, we’re going to discuss the remaining three components of every successful JV.


This is the program that will collect the name and email of everyone who downloads your gift.  Some services will require that the new opt-in confirms their email address by clicking on a link that you send them immediately after they opt-in.

Your autoresponder will need to be set up with a series of emails that will be sent out over the next few days or weeks.  Remember that your first email to your new subscriber (after they have confirmed) should be a Thank You email and provide them with the link to the download page.  I also make sure that I include all my contact information as well as a special email address that they should use if they have any troubles with their download.  Again, I set up a special email just for this purpose and those emails get my top priority each day.

I know there are a variety of autoresponder services to choose from, but personally I love to use the one that offers me the benefit of using it on my social media sites, like Twitter or Facebook as well as sites I don’t have control over like a distributor’s site of some sort.   If your system does not do that, be sure to check out how I use mine on Twitter (go to and on Facebook  (go to .  It’s a great service and it doesn’t cost me a cent and you could get the same simple to use system for free! Gotta love that!

See the system yourself and get all the details!
Go to

Squeeze Page

You will need to create a simple squeeze page or capture page and upload it to your domain host.   Keep it simple.  Have a brief description of your gift;  a list of benefits for the downloader;  and of course, your autoresponder opt-in form.  Upload it to your site and BE  SURE to test the form with your email address and check your email to TEST the links to the download page.  There is nothing more unprofessional that forms and links that don’t work.

Thank You Page

You will need to create a page that products your new subscriber with the link to download the gift.  You might choose to do this in two steps if you have a double opt-in list or you could omit the first page.  The first page could be a simple “thanks for choosing to download” and “please check your email to confirm your request” page.  Then your second page would be in the email they have just confirmed and will be to a page that is the actual download or at least had the link to the download on it.

Good marketers will always include more information about themselves with links to their sites or even unannounced bonuses, so be sure to consider that when designing your page.  Once you have uploaded it to your site, be sure to TEST all links.  It’s also a good idea to include a link to your final download page in your first and even second email that you send to them, just in case they didn’t have a chance to download their gift.


There you have the essential components you need to join any GiveAway as a JV Contributor.  Put those pieces together and you’re ready to join your first GiveAway and start adding to your list.

When I decided to join my first event, it took me several days to get everything ready.  I had to create the list, the emails to go out, choose, edit and rebrand my gift, create the pages and test them.  Good thing I did that as the first time the download just wouldn’t work that’s why I say TEST, TEST, and TEST some more.

In that event I did upgrade my membership for a cost of $12.  By the end of the event, I had 92 new people on my list…. so that meant each subscriber cost me just over 13 cents plus my time.  I was actually quite pleased with those results.  I hope your first GiveAway is as successful and always remember it will get easier the second time!

Be sure to leave a comment and give me your feedback.

Becoming a JV Contributor

If you’re like me, you’ve explored a giveaway or two and downloaded a folder full of things that interested you.   Now you’ve decided you’re ready to participate in a GiveAway as a contributor or JV partner.  But now what?

Today, I want to discuss the basics of what you’ll need to do and have.  It’s actually pretty simple to participate and all you will need is

  1. Sign up as a contributor
  2. A product you can submit to the giveaway
  3. An autoresponder to collect and connect with those that download your gift
  4. A squeeze page where people opt into your list
  5. A thank you page with the download link

Let’s look at the five components. There is so much I could say about each one that I will probably divide this into two posts and only discuss the first two points here.

Signing up

The process may be somewhat different for each giveaway event, but most of them require that you receive an invitation to become a JV contributor.   So if you’re just starting out, go a search for Upcoming GiveAway Events and find a site that has a current list of events.  On almost all of these sites you can find a link to join the GiveAway as a contributor.

Personally, I preferred to create a new email address that I use only for joining GiveAway events as a contributor and I suggest you do the same.   This allows you to find relevant emails separate your other emails that you may be using elsewhere.   In fact, I also created an email that I use only for when I choose to download a gift at a GiveAway.   You know you’re going to get lots of emails there, and I don’t want to lose those important emails to me, the JV contributor,  in my Inbox.

Most GiveAways offer you a chance to upgrade as a contributor and this is usually a One Time Offer, so be prepared for this.   Depending on the event, the levels of membership and the benefits will differ so you need to choose a level that fits your budget.   If it’s your first event and your research shows that it was a successful event last year, I suggest you try to upgrade to at least one level as that will mean your gift will be seen more often.

Your Gift

Now it’s time to decide what exactly you’re going to give away.  I usually sign up, upgrade if I choose too, and then browse the already offered gifts.   This give me an idea of what others are offering as well as discover if there seems to be a recurring theme of the GiveAway.

Most gifts are ebooks or PDF reports related to the theme of the event. However, more often nowadays, you’ll also see offers of video trainings, mps3 interviews or trainings, software products or a WordPress plugin and scripts.  So really, you can offer what you want to.   However, make sure you gift is current and will be of value to your future subscribers.

Don’t have your own product yet? So a search for a PLR (Private Label Rights) or MRR (Master Resell Rights) product and use that.  You can find many for free or some you can buy for a small investment.   However, be sure that you have the right to actually give the product away as some restrict this.   The best option is to find a PLR ebook or report that you can then edit it with your own links and bio to brand it as yours.  However, since the main focus here is to build your list, even offering a MRR product that links to someone else’s site is better than never participating in an event.

A final piece of advice is to make sure you gift is current and will be of value to your future subscribers.

To be continued …

Well, that’s enough for one post … click here to go to part two of this post.  Leave a comment if you wish.  I appreciate all feedback.

Giveaway Events

Searching for List Building OptionsIf you’ve surfed the Internet at all looking for home business or online marketing tips, you will have come across a Giveaway Event. The first time I found one I was fascinated – so many eBooks, reports, scripts and other offers. I think I spent the entire day on the site and downloaded so many things. Of course, I soon discovered that my Inbox was filled with emails from all those marketers that had provided me with that free stuff. It’s been a few years but I know I’m still getting emails from some of them.

Fast forward to today and you are now an online marketer yourself and you want to build your list. That’s why you are reading this. You’re looking for answers. I hope and can give you some in this article, at least about Giveaway Events.

Giveaway Events Defined

Simply defined, a Giveaway Event is a free membership websites that offers free products for their members to download to anyone who will give them their email address. Giveaway Events finds hundreds, or usually thousands, of people are very willing to provide their emails in return for a free product and by giving their email address, they effectively join someone’s mailing list.

Types of Giveaway Events

I have determined that there are basically two kinds of giveaway events.
In the first type, they are hosted and offered by one marketer and I think that the original giveaway was probably created by an ingenious marketer. The second scenario is a joint venture between multiple marketers and publishers and they can offers hundreds or even thousands of offers.

I know of one January 2011 theme oriented event was promoted as a Self Improvement Give Away. It offered 943 life changing gifts and had attracted 20,116 members in its final week. If you see this post before the end of January, you can click here to go see what they have to offer. I’m sure before the event closes, there will be more members to make this a record breaking event.

These numbers may just look like data, but looking at the statistics it verifies that giveaway events and joint giveaway events have increased in popularity and have become a real trend for building a list.

Calendar of Events

In 2011, you will be able to find numerous events taking place any time of the year. Simply look on Google for “Giveaway Events”, “JV Giveaway Events” or “PLR Giveaway Events” and include the month and year you are looking for in your search and you will be amazed at the options. You’ll see that most of them are in the internet marketing niche, but giveaways have become so popular that now many other niches, such as self improvement and health matters, are using the technique to promote their products and their lists.

Purpose of Giveaway Events

Every participating marketer is there to promote their business. It’s that simple. They offer free products such as a PDF report, video, MP3 files, software or systems for site members to download in exchange for the member joining their list. Smart marketers will also use the thank you or download page that the member is taken to after signing up to make a OTO offer for a cost as well as promote their business in the product downloaded, i.e. links in the eBook that lead back to their marketing site.


Whether you are yet to start building your list, are in the very early stages of list building or already have a growing list but want another source of new subscribers, you will want to harness the full power of giveaway events! Take the time to learn more about how you can benefit from this amazing strategy.

If you’ve used Giveaways, please, leave a comment and share your experience.  I’d love to hear from you.

Automatic Delivery

List owners are email marketers.  Email marketing is really all about catering to your list.  Autoresponder systems make that it simple as they automate it all.  The system will deliver content in the form of emails or issues of a newsletter at the specific intervals that you have designated it to do.

Some systems call these sequential emails; some call them promotional messages.  It doesn’t really matter what your system call them, as long as you have them set up.  It’s recommended that you set up at least 12 different emails that you have created.  These emails need to be about the topic you promoted on your opt-in form, although you can mention and links to similar products you might be offering.  One warning though – don’t overdo it on the offers!  Once you have the emails written, you then load them into your system and schedule to go out to your subscribers over the next 3 weeks or so.  Space the first few emails closer together – like one a day, then two days apart, or three and so on until all your emails are scheduled.  Each new subscriber will go into the sequential on the day they opt-in.  This is important to keep in mind when writing your emails.  You never know when they will sign up, so don’t wish them Merry Christmas in email 3 just because you’re writing it the week before Christmas.  The person may be getting on your list in mid July and then begin to wander about you if you’re wishing them Merry Christmas.

Your autoresponder system will also allow you to send a broadcast message in between your scheduled updates or after your scheduled 12 emails have been sent.  This allows you to stay connected with your list as you are able to offer them new products or send seasonal greetings.  Using the autoresponder to connect like this frees up your time and resources, while also continuing to build a relationship with your subscriber base and keeping your list from going cold.  It’s as simple as writing the email, pasting it into your autoresponder system, selecting which list it’s being sent to, and clicking Send.

If you have chosen a good autoresponder, you will also be able to edit your sequence just by logging into your autoresponder account and editing the delivery times, or editing or removing emails as well as adding new emails or replacing them with new broadcasts at any time.  You always want the option to be able to freshen up your delivery system.

Regardless of how you set it up, you always want to make sure that your subscribers receive the incentive offer instantly after confirming their request, and that they receive another email (with free content) within 72 hours of requesting the free offer.  That way, you stay fresh in your subscriber’s minds and they are able to instantly recognize who you are and why they’re receiving emails from you.

If you fail to follow up with subscribers shortly after they join your list, chances are that by the time you get around to emailing them, they’ve long forgotten where they signed up for your emails in the first place.

Therefore it is important to set up your sequential emails to deliver the incentive offer immediately, with additional follow-up emails every 3-5 days from there on.  I have found that the response is greater the more emails in your sequence so I recommend setting up at least 12 emails spaced out over 4-6 weeks.  And in your final email, make comment to the fact that the series has ended and that you won’t be contacting them again until you have a new announcement or update.  Be sure to always include your contact information, such as your website or websites, your email, your Facebook, Twitter, LinkIn and other social media option, and possibly your phone number if you do business via phone.

Example of a Sequence

This is how I like to set up my sequential emails.  I create 12 emails that are scheduled over a period of 6 weeks to be delivered accordingly:

1st Email:

Sent this instantly to the subscriber thanking them for subscribing to your list.  Be sure to provide the download information for your initial offer on your squeeze page as well as direct link to your website.

2nd Email:

Scheduled to be sent out on day 2 asking them if they found the download and repeating most of email 1 just in case it was lost in cyberspace.

3rd Email:

Scheduled to be sent out on the day 3 that includes some free content about the theme of your list.  You could also link to additional articles on your site or even to another report.

4th Email:

Scheduled to be sent out on the day 5 that includes more free content about the theme of your list.  You could also link another page that offers them another report or ebook.

5th Email:

Scheduled to go out on the day 8 and offers more free content, even if it’s just a tip of the day, as well as some promotional advertising to a related product.

6 – 11th Email:

Scheduled to go out on the day 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 36 and always offers more free content, even if it’s just a tip of the day.  Some days include some promotional advertising for a related product but be careful not to bombard them with new offers every time.

12th Email:

Scheduled to go out on the Day 42 and lets them know the series has ended for now and that you’ll only be contacting if there is new information or a new announcement of some kinds as well as the occasional email just to say Hi.  As mentioned above, be sure to include all the ways they can also connect with you should they choose to get in touch.

The balance between promotional broadcasts and free content is entirely up to you, however the more distinct value that you give to your subscriber base, and the more consistent you are with providing fresh, quality the content the easier and faster it will be to develop a relationship with your subscribers.

Warm Welcome

Your newest subscriber has opted in on your list and they have confirmed their request.  It’s official.  They are on your list.

Now what?

A good list owner will do the natural thing: say thanks for coming – just as if they had come joined you for coffee at your house.

This Welcome Email should be set up in your autoresponder to be instantly sent to your subscriber once they are opted in.  This email should thank them for subscribing to your list and provides them with the link to download the incentive you offered them on your squeeze page and opt-in form.  This should be a direct link to the download location on your website.  It’s not a good idea to hide this link behind the words “Click here to download”.  It’s much better to type out the full URL to your download page.  Why?  You want to make sure they are able to access that download and sometimes email programs and computers are not set up like yours is.  If for some reason the link doesn’t work or is broken, at least they can copy and paste the URL to their browser and get their download.

Be sure to include information about yourself in your Welcome Email.  Promote yourself, your website, your products, your experience.  I also think it’s really important to include links to your site, your Facebook page, your Twitter, your LinkIn, your Skype and whatever else you use to promote yourself online.  The main idea is that you want to be sure people can connect with you and possible buy more of your products and service.

If your list is in the form of a newsletter, this Welcome Email can also be your first opportunity to interact with your subscribers.  You make remember me saying that Great List Owners seeks to build relationships with the subscribers.  You want to do that at every opportunity you get.

Now sure what to say?  Here is a great example of a Welcome Email that gets response.

Subject: (First name), Please keep this record of your subscription to (Your Newsletter’s Name)

Hi (First Name),

This is (Your Name).

Thank you for subscribing to (Your Newsletter’s Name).

You are subscribed as (First Name) at (Email).

If you don’t remember subscribing to this newsletter, somebody may have misspelled his email address when subscribing.  In this case, please accept my apologies.  You can easily unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link below.

Otherwise, please look forward to your first issue of (Your Newsletter’s Name) tomorrow.

To help me understand more about your needs, I would love if you would introduce yourself.

How are you? How do you feel? Fantastic?

Please tell me more about yourself.  What do you do for a living, for fun?

What do you need for you (insert anything that has to do with your business) at the moment?

(You can add 2 or 3 more questions here.)

You can tell me more about yourself by simply replying to this message.

I personally don’t know of many Newsletter’s that care about their subscribers and their needs, but I am here to cater to you.  I also invite you to ask me any questions.

Remember, (First Name), YOU are the reason this Newsletter’s exists!!

Have a nice day!


(Your Name)

(Your Domain)

Be sure to not skip this component.

It would be possible to be in a hurry and just let the autoresponder sent out the default thank you email.  However, that’s not what a good marketer does.   Profitable list owners use every opportunity to market themselves.

This is a perfect one.  And it’s one that keeps on working as many people keep those welcome messages in the email programs.  They become a record for them.  Be sure it’s truly a record worth keeping for your, and not just your autoresponder system.

The final component is the Automatic Delivery.  Just click and learn all about it.

Sincere Thank You

The next component of a great list building system is your Thank you and Welcome.

There are actually two parts to this:

  • A Thank You Page and
  • Ththe Welcome Email.

Let’s talk about the Thank you page.  This is the next page that your subscriber will see have they have completed the opt-in form and hit the SUBMIT button.  Most autoresponders have a default page that will pop up telling people to go check their email inbox and find the email so they can confirm the request they just made.  That’s not the page I’m suggesting you use.

In fact, when I subscribe to a new list and that’s the page I see, I’m a little concerned if the list owner I just subscribed to really is the marketing expert they claim to be.  Think about it.  They just missed a major marketing opportunity.

A good autoresponder gives you the opportunity to set the page you want your new subscriber to be taken to.  The first thing that the new subscriber should see is a great big Thank You for just requesting my Free report, or video, or ebook or whatever it is you were offering them.  You might remind them to go and hit the confirm link in the email you just sent them, but be sure to say Thanks and Welcome to my List.  The page can be created on your website, and if your site is using WordPress, you can create a page and link your autoresponder directly to that page.

Many great marketers also turn this Thank you page into a OTO – a onetime offer.  Here is an opportunity to market to you new subscriber by offering something for an absolutely ridiculous price.  Say it’s a OTO.. and mean it.  You can easily use this page to refer the new subscriber to your other products while thanking them for signing up or purchasing your products.

Depending on what incentive you used on your opt-in form, this Thank you/Welcome page can also be the download page of that incentive.  I’ve seen many marketers include it here, or have a link to the direct download page at the bottom of the Thank you.  Other marketers will not give access to the actual download until the new subscriber has completed the confirmation step of the double opt-in form.  That’s totally up to the marketer as to which route they take, just as the list owner has to decide if their list will be a simple opt-in or a double opt-in.  Just in case you’re not aware of the difference, the double opt-in list requires the subscriber to actually click on the confirmation link in that first email for them to added to your list.  The simple opt-in just asks for someone to fill in the form and they are added to the list.

Now let’s talk about the Welcome Email … Just click here

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